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Ducting Fittings

Our extensive range of duct fittings which are manufactured to the highest standards ensure that our customers continue to get the best products available to them.
This range of bends, couplers, junction boxes, sockets etc. ensure that when combined with our ducting pipe range we provide the best solution to all your ducting needs.

Size Unit Code PSI
Electricity Duct 90° Bend Double Socket 50mm Each E561
Electricity Duct Hockey Stick 44mm Each EHS44
Ducting 11.25° Bend 110mm Each GPD187
160mm Each GPD187
Ducting 22.5° Bend 110mm Each GPD185
160mm Each GPD185
54mm Each GPD185
Ducting 45° Bend 110mm Each GPD183
160mm Each GPD183
54mm Each GPD183
Ducting 90° Bend 110mm Each GPD181
160mm Each GPD181
54mm Each GPD181
Ducting Coupler 110mm Each GPD108
54mm Each GPD108
Ducting Junction Box 300mm x 300mm Each JB12 70PSI
Electricity Duct 11.25° Bend 110mm Each E187
160mm Each E187
Electricity Duct 22.5° Bend 110mm Each E185
160mm Each E185
Electricity Duct 45° Bend 110mm Each E183
160mm Each E183(6")
Electricity Duct 90° Bend 110mm Each E181
160mm Each E181(6")
Electricity Duct Coupler 125mm Each E105(5")
160mm Each E105(6")
50mm Each E105(2")
Electricity Duct Hockey Stick Bend - Socket & Spigot 50mm Each E161(2")