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Ogee Mammoth Board

Cork Plastics Ogee Mammoth Board offers an attractive alternative to the plain mammoth boards.

For colour references for our products please view our RAL Colour Guide.
Size Unit Code Degree
Ogee Mammoth Board 150mm 5m G150
175mm 5m G175
200mm 5m G200
225mm 5m G225
250mm 5m G250
275mm 5m G275
300mm 5m G300
329mm 5m G329
454mm 5m G454
620x350xx Ogee Box End Cover Each
Double Ogee Corner Joints 500mm Each RT15
Double Ogee In-Line Jointing Moulding 500mm Each RT12
Internal Ogee Corner Joint 300mm Each RT17
125° Gable Jointing Moulding Each RT19 125°
Ogee Box End Cover 404mm Each RT19
Ogee Box End Cover Large Each OGB2
Ogee Box End Cover Small Each OGB1
Ogee Corner Joints 300mm Each RT14
Ogee In-Line Jointing Moulding 300mm Each RT11
135° Ogee Corner Joints Each RT18 135°