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Roofline & Window System Trims

Cork Plastics offer a wide range of Roofline and Window trim accessories which allow for neat, clean and professional installations.

For colour references for our products please view our RAL Colour Guide.
Unit Code Size
Soffit Ventilator 5m RT24
Disc Soffit Ventilator Each RT25
Double Disc Soffit Ventilator Each RT26
Soffit Ventilator with Mesh 5m RT27
Mesh for Soffit Ventilator 1m
Architrave-Pencil Round 5m WT1 45mm
5m WT2 65mm
5m WT3 95mm
D Section 5m WT4 28mm
Quadrant 5m WT6 12mm
5m WT7 19mm
Board End Mouldings Each WT15 42mm x 315mm
Each WT16 22mm x 300mm (hockey board)
Angle 100mm x 80mm (Hollow Section) 5m WT30 100mm x 80mm
Angle 25mm x 25mm (Rigid) 5m WT31 25mm x 25mm
Angle 50mm x 50mm (Rigid) 5m WT32 50mm x 50mm
Angle 32mm x 32mm (Flexi x 6m) 6m CP64 32mm x 32mm
Angle 75mm x 75mm (Flexi x 5m) 5m CP150 75mm x 75mm
Finial Each RT23 340mm
Each RT29 900mm
Bargeboard Moulding Trim Each RT22 500mm