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80mm Downpipe & Fittings

This Cork Plastics PVCu 80mm Round Plastic Downpipe System provides for a bigger flow rate than the standard 68mm Round Plastic Downpipe System when used with the compatible gutter running outlets

This plastic 80mm Downpipe System can also be used with our Hi-Capacity Plastic Guttering and our Ogee 'Niagara' Plastic Guttering systems.

A full range of fixtures and fittings available to compliment this 80mm downpipe range.

For colour references for our products please view our RAL Colour Guide.
Size Unit Code
Round Downpipe 80mm 4m RPH4
Round 'Y' Branch 80mm Each RYH1
Round 90° Bend 80mm Each RBH1
Round Offset Bend 80mm Each RBH2
Round Shoe 80mm Each RBH3
Round Pipe Clip 80mm Each RCH1
Round Pipe Socket 80mm Each RSH1
Round Hopper Head 80mm Each RHH1
Round Rainwater Diverter 80mm Each RVS2