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Niagara ® Ogee Gutter & Fittings

The Niagara Ogee Gutter System has a number of key features which include:

  • A traditional Ogee style profile.
  • One of the highest capacity PVC-U domestic rainwater systems on the market.
  • Revolutionary designed moulded water-tight seal and retaining clip pre-fitted for fast user friendly installation.
  • Suitable for all properties old and new.
  • Outlet connects to Square Line or Round Line downpipes.
  • Internal/external angles and right/left hand stopends available.
  • Running outlet designed to cope with above average rainfall.
  • Fits 65mm Square, 68mm Round, 80mm Downpipe.
  • System is covered by a BSI Kitemark - no. KM501316.

A full range of fixtures and fittings are available to compliment this Niagara Ogee Gutter System

For colour references for our products please view our RAL Colour Guide.
Unit Code
Niagara Gutter 4m RGN4
Niagara Support Bracket Each RKN1
Niagara Top Hung Bracket Each RKN2
Niagara Union Bracket Each RUN1
Niagara External Stopend Left Hand Each REN1
Niagara External Stopend Right Hand Each REN2
Niagara Internal Stopend Left Hand Each REN3
Niagara Internal Stopend Right Hand Each REN4
Niagara Internal 90° Angle Each RAN1
Niagara External 90° Angle Each RAN2
Niagara Internal 135° Angle Each RAN3
Niagara External 135° Angle Each RAN4
Niagara Running Outlet Each RON1
Niagara Stopend Outlet Left Hand Each RON2
Niagara Stopend Outlet Right Hand Each RON3
Niagara Retaining Clip Each RRNC1
Niagara to Half Round Adapter Left Hand Each RNR4
Niagara to Half Round Adapter Right Hand Each RNR3
Niagara to Square Adapter Left Hand Each RNS4
Niagara to Square Adapter Right Hand Each RNS3
Gutter Brush Each GB4