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Xtraflo Semi-Elliptical Gutter & Fittings

The Xtraflo Semi-Elliptical (170mm) Gutter System has a number of key features which include.

  • Ideal for commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings. Suitable for any building with a large roof area.
  • The vortex outlet design encourages the `swirling effect` of the water for greater water flow down the pipe.
  • Complete with wide rubber seals which allows for optimum performance in all conditions.
  • Innovative and clean modern appearance.
  • Semi-Elliptical profile.
  • High flow capacity - 11.8 litres/second, outlet in centre, 1.350 fall
  • Dimensions - 170mm x 110mm 
  • Connects to 110mm pipe and fittings.
  • For colour availability, please see options below.
  • System is covered by a BSI Kitemark - no. KM501316.

A full range of fixtures and fittings are available to compliment this Xtraflo Semi-Elliptical Gutter System

For colour references for our products please view our RAL Colour Guide.
Unit Code
Xtraflo Gutter 4m RGX4
6m RGX6
Xtraflo Gutter 90° Angle Each RAX1
Xtraflo Gutter External Stopend Each REX1
Xtraflo Gutter Hopper Head Each RHX1
Xtraflo Gutter Internal Stopend Each REX2
Xtraflo Gutter Running Outlet Each ROX1
Xtraflo Gutter Support Bracket Each RKX1
Xtraflo Gutter Union Bracket Each RUX1