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Access Junction System

Our extensive range of AJ's offer customers varied options to cover all their needs.
Some of the features are:

  • Single and Double Riser to add to the versatility of systems.  
  • Multi base options to suit every requirement.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Robust but light base for ease of use.
  • Ring seal with each Riser.


* 160mm Large AJ also available


Unit Code
Straight Through CPAJ 1001 Each CPAJ1001
Left or Right Hand 90° Bend CPAJ 1002 Each CPAJ1002
Left Hand 90° Junction CPAJ 1003 Each CPAJ1003
Left Hand 45° Junction CPAJ 1004 Each CPAJ1004
Left & Right Hand 45° Junction CPAJ 1005 Each CPAJ1005
Right Hand 90° & 45° Junction CPAJ 1007 Each CPAJ1007
Left & Right Hand 90° & 45° Junction CPAJ 1008 Each CPAJ1008
Right Hand 45° Junction CPAJ 1012 Each CPAJ1012
Right Hand 90° Junction CPAJ 1013 Each CPAJ1013
Left Hand 90° & 45° Junction CPAJ 1016 Each CPAJ1016
Two 90° Inlet Junction CPAJ 1018 Each CPAJ018
Left or Right Hand 45° Bend CPAJ 1020 Each CPAJ1020
Riser Standard 200mm Each CPAJR00
Riser Single Socket 200mm Each CPAJR01
Riser Double Socket 200mm Each CPAJR02
Cover with Frame Each CPAJC/F
Chamber Base 90deg 160mm x 160mm (c/w two 45deg 110mm inlets) Each D900
235mm Extension Riser Each D915
450mm Plastic Cover & Frame (35kn) Each D930
450mm Plastic Cover & Frame (with 350mm restricted access) Each D931
Cast Iron Cover & Plastic Frame (35kn) Each D923