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Overflow Waste System & Fittings

A 21.5mm solvent weld overflow system in PVC-U with an extensive range of fittings to meet most installation requirements

Fixing Guide:

  • Fix pipe brackets at maximum 0.6m centres for both vertical and horizontal runs.
  • No expansion gap required on the solvent weld overflow system.
  • Solvent weld joints in accordance with ABS/PVC-U Waste Systems instructions.
Size Unit Code
Overflow Waste Pipe 21.5mm 2m OS02
21.5mm 3m OS01
Overflow Coupler 21.5mm Each OS10
Overflow Reducer 32mm x 21.5mm Each OS17
40mm x 21.5mm Each OS18
Overflow 135° Bend 21.5mm Each OS12
Overflow 90° Bend 21.5mm Each OS11
Overflow Tee 21.5mm Each OS13
Overflow Pipe Clip 21.5mm Each OS16
Overflow Bent Tank Connector 21.5mm Each OS15
Overflow Straight Tank Connector 21.5mm Each OS14