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Push-Fit Waste System & Fittings

Cork Plastics Push-fit Waste systems, manufactured in polypropylene, are available in 32mm and 40mm diameters. Captive ring seal joints ensure ease of assembly and a completely watertight connection that can accommodate thermal movement. The Push-fit Waste system integrates with our Push-fit Soil systems.

Size Unit Code
Push-Fit Waste Pipe 32mm 3m WP01
40mm 3m WP02
Push-Fit 135° Bend 32mm Each WP18
40mm Each WP19
Push-Fit 90° Bend 32mm Each WP10
40mm Each WP11
Push-Fit 90° Conversion Bend 32mm Each WP26
40mm Each WP27
Push-Fit 92.5° Bend 32mm Each WP14
40mm Each WP15
Push-Fit Pipe Clip 32mm Each WP34
40mm Each WP35
Push-Fit Reducer 40mm x 32mm Each WP38
Push-Fit Straight Coupling 32mm Each WP07
40mm Each WP08
Push-Fit Tee 32mm Each WP22
40mm Each WP23
Push-Fit Socket Plug 32mm Each WP30
40mm Each WP31
Push-Fit Cap & Lining 32mm Each
40mm Each