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Solvent Weld Waste System & Fittings

System Features:

  • Manufactured to BS EN 1455-1:2000 / BS 5255.
  • Available in white.
  • A light in weight yet strong and cost effective option.
  • Available in 32mm, 40mm and 50mm sizes with an extensive range of fittings to meet most installation requirements.
  • Use T88 Solvent Cement for jointing products.
Size Unit Code Degree
Solvent Weld Waste Pipe 32mm 4m WS01
40mm 4m WS02
WS03 Solvent Weld Waste Pipe 50mm 4m
Cap & Lining 50mm Each
90° Bend 50mm Each WS12 90°
ABS 90° Bend 32mm Each
135° Bend 32mm Each WS18 135°
40mm Each WS19 135°
50mm Each WS20 135°
92.5° Bend 32mm Each WS14 92.5°
40mm Each WS15 92.5°
50mm Each WS16 92.5°
Access Plug 32mm Each WS30
40mm Each WS31
50mm Each WS32
Female Adapter 32mm Each WS66
40mm Each WS67
Male Adapter 32mm Each WS63
40mm Each WS64
Pipe Clip 32mm Each WS34
40mm Each WS35
50mm Each WS36
Reducer 40mm x 32mm Each WS38
50mm x 32mm Each WS39
50mm x 40mm Each WS40
Tee 32mm Each WS22
40mm Each WS23
50mm Each WS24
Straight Coupling 32mm Each WS07
40mm Each WS08
50mm Each WS09
Tank Connector 32mm Each WS60
40mm Each WS61